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Police Commissioner

Go to Lea's website to discover what he will do for you as Thames Valley Police & Crime Commissioner.

Vote Delphine Gray-Fisk
District Council

Go to this website's elections page to see Delphine's address leaflet and to understand what she will do for you as South Bucks District Councillor for the Farnham & Hedgerley Ward.

Euroscepticism is growing all over Europe

Iceland has let its application lapse. Only 20% in Norway are in favour of joining EU. 

Meanwhile amongst the members scepticism is rising. In Eastern Europe they are questioning whether the financial benefit are now outweighed by the cost of taking their quotas of immigrants that they do not want.

Anti-EU sentiment is rising even in Germany. Read full Spectator article.

Leave and believe

With the promised referendum coming sometime before the end of 2017, UKIP have already launched their 'Say No - Believe in Britain' campaign. The question may change but hopefully the outcome will remain the same and we will be partaking in many events, such as running stalls and holding public debates, throughout the constituency with the aim of securing an EU exit. Go to our events page to see when we're out and about in your area.


Immigration figures reach stratospheric levels

A record 636,000 new settlers from abroad came to these shores in the last 12 months - a staggering 18% increase on the previous 12 months. Immigration is higher than when the coalition came to office. Daily Telegraph reports that 2,000,000 immigrants have low numeracy.trustedd3.png

This huge influx of mainly unskilled workers puts pressure on housing availability and prices, doctors' surgeries, hospitals, traffic, welfare services, school place availability and educational standards

"The Government has planned for failure by deceiving themselves and the country that they could keep these figures down to their infamous idea of "tens of thousands". (

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