Jon Conway, Parliamentary Candidate
for Beaconsfield Constituency

At the referendum count in South Bucks in June last year there was a majority in favour of Leave. Jon Conway led the victorious Vote Leave campaign in the Beaconsfield constituency. Meanwhile the sitting MP, Dominic Grieve, strongly supported the losing Remain campaign.


John Conway - flyer frontTheresa May called the general election because she needs strong support for the impending negotiations with the remaining 27 EU countries. If you vote for Jon Conway to be your MP you can be sure he will vote with the government to take control of:

  • Our borders and immigration
  • Our money
  • Our sovereignty and independence from EU courts
  • Our fishing waters

John Conway supports the government in its quest for a clean Brexit. This means:

  • Leaving the single market
  • Leaving the customs union

Meanwhile the government intends to negotiate a tariff-free trade deal with the EU. Once done, the department for International Trade, headed by Liam Fox, can get on with the job of negotiating trade deals with the 209 non-EU countries of the world to secure this nation's future prosperity.

Whom do you trust to support the government in these objectives? Jon Conway or Dominic Grieve?

To view Jon's general election flyer in PDF click this link.